More Gooseberry Boards Available!

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A limited number of Gooseberry boards are now in stock!

Thankfully, the boards are already in our hands here in the UK! The waiting time from order to your front door will be considerably less! We expect to dispatch within 5 working days.

All sold out we’re afraid! Register/Re-register your interest if you missed out and we will notify you once more boards are available. More hopefully coming in the next few weeks!

All done!

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All 500 boards have been dispatched! Just to be clear, that means if you have ordered a board, it is on its way! Order numbers are only for reference so please don’t worry about “not being in the first500″. Only 500 boards were made available, if you ordered, you will be getting one!

It’s been a hard week for us and we will try to deal with your queries and initial issues with the board quickly. Please be patient,  there will be delays in replying as there is an awful lot of things needing to be addressed.

Just to acknowledge we will be working on helping those with issues on the forum. Livesuite and Mni usb adapters are our chief concern and support topics will be created on the forum in the near future. They’re fixable so don’t panic!

Thanks again to everyone who ordered a board and have made this project possible!

If you have not already purchased a mini USB adapter, please purchase a “mini USB OTG adapter”. Cables without the “OTG” specification are unlikely to work!

And They’re Gone!

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Sorry it’s been a while since we posted, but we’ve been very busy getting things ready to get these boards to you!  Bit of a late announcement, they’re all sold! If you missed out on this initial release, we will have another register of interest to gauge further numbers for the next release in the near future.

We’ve updated the FAQ with some of your questions: forums, documentation and expected delivery.

A big thank you to all those who have made this project possible by ordering the Gooseberry Board!

Update: Forum is live! Check it out here at:

Public Release

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This is it! We’re finally ready and confident to release the Gooseberry Board to the general public. Sorry for being vague about dates but we didn’t want to disappoint with promises we can’t meet.

500 boards are up for grabs and are strictly 1 per person!  You will be preordering these boards so as to raise capital which will allow more people to get their hands on one.

The expected delivery date for these boards will range from 2-6 weeks. The time scale is large so as to accommodate delays such as the London Olympics.

Demand is expected to be high, however, if we do not sell all 500 boards in the next 3 days, we will allow multiple orders. This will be announced if it does happen!

  • Thank you !
  • The Gooseberry Team




The Winners

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After lengthy deliberation and many Gooseberry boards running copious calculations,  we’ve finally decided on a winner! The time it has taken to decide is testament to just how many original creative ideas you guys have submitted. There were no less than 40 ideas which all deserved to be winners and it pained us to have to whittle it down, but what is done is done!

Thank each and every one of you who entered this competition! We hope that you will soon have the opportunity to make your ideas a reality !

The Winner

Ryan Heatherly

You’re our winner Ryan! We love your video. The quality is truly fantastic and we can  imagine it must have taken you a huge amount of time. Really creative and fun!  Congratulations!

Runner Ups

Nacho Vidal Franco

A great idea Nacho and very well presented! We were impressed with the clarity in which you explained how you would go about making your idea a reality!

Sebastian L

“Id like to use the Ra… err, Gooseberry, in a quadrocopter drone setup, which hopefully enables the drone to actually be independent in computer and camera controlled flights. I´ll try to hatch my kinect sensor in the setup for real 3d surround calculations. That being said, replace cpu and ram only by stronger cpu and more ram (who needs a r-pi)”

Sounds awesome! An automated  helicopter which you program to complete a number of tasks would have been my dream as a kid!

Danny Hall 

“I plan to send a Gooseberry into low earth orbit. First test run will be a weather balloon to 100,001 feet to test various functions. If an iPhone has been to 100,000 Some one… and i mean ME!!! Is sending a gooseberry and the end goal of the test run to play angry birds via remote on a gooseberry that’s in almost in space!”

Might do this one ourselves! Be sure to send us the footage!

We’ll be in touch with you lucky guys soon!

A little Competition…

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The time has cometh to decide who will get their hands on the first boards. We will use a competition! To enter, submit a comment to this post on what cool applications you will use the board for. Your comment must be no more than 30 words! Videos would also be fantastic! The best, most creative comment/video will win a free board plus free shipping to any country in the world! The other 3 runner ups will receive a chance to purchase one of the remaining 3 boards.  Good Luck! (:

Please Note: The first 4 boards we’re making available should be considered as beta! Due to slight modifications to the board such as the inclusion of ICS 4, booting off the Micro SD card is no longer functional resulting in  boot hangs. Please do not despair, both Arch Linux ARM and us are confident that this problem can be rectified in the near future!

Update: Competition closes end of next Sunday. Winners will be announced on Monday!


Arch Linux ARM

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Arch Linux ARM have agreed to start developing and porting Arch Linux for the Gooseberry Board! For those of you who don’t know, Arch Linux is a  distribution  which  incorporates a rolling release cycle. Updates for the OS are acquired through small packages instead of large bulk updates which adhere to a release cycle. In short, this means that you are constantly on the latest version of Arch Linux. It aims to accommodate competent Linux users by providing control and responsibility over the entire system. Exciting stuff!


The Pi has arrived

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At last the RPi has finally arrived. Here’s some pictures comparing the two! Hi-def pictures of the board have been added to “The Board” page.

They’ve Arrived!

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We’ll keep things simple. The 10 boards have arrived, 5 of which will be going to developers. The other 5 will be made available to the public. Instead of us hosting an F5 war, we will use a competition to decide who gets the first 5 (more on this later) . Boards are currently being tested as there have been some changes, namely the inclusion of ICS 4.0 android out of the box instead of Gingerbread :)  !

Faq added!

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Have received a huge amount of emails from you guys about Gooseberry. Just added an Faq to try and answer some of the common questions. We will try and answer your messages as soon as possible but it may take a few days, so be patient!