What is Gooseberry?

Posted May 26th, 2012 in Uncategorized by admin

I’ve set up  Gooseberry for one chief reason, the time the Raspberry Pi is taking to get here! I’m one of the many who wasn’t up at some unearthly hour pressing the F5 key and so subsequently, will not receive their raspberry pi at a reasonable date. This caused me to look for alternatives to the Raspberry Pi leading me to what is known as the Allwinner A10 chip. As you may have heard from Rhombus Tech, this is an Arm Soc which has great promise with the best price to performance ratio. Excited by the figures Rhombus Tech proposed, I realised that yet again, it would  be a long time before I got my hands on their development board. Currently, they don’t even have a prototype! Disappointed by the lack of options and the inevitable wait, I noticed that tablets were currently selling with the Allwinner A10 chip. I didn’t want a tablet however, I wanted a board like the Raspberry Pi!

At this point I had an idea, what if I could purchase just the board itself and use it just like the Pi. I contacted the board’s manufactures and am happy to announce, that I will be making Allwinner A10 boards available here in the UK tiding people over until the Pi is out or simply to serve as a more powerful alternative to the Raspberry pi. These boards are roughly 3x the power of the  Pi and I will be selling them with a charger for £40. This is a highly competitive price that has taken a great deal of time to negotiate. They are actually a much better deal than the raspberry pi, as they offer inbuilt wifi, more ram and feature a newer Arm Soc which is compatible with Ubuntu. You may be asking why not just buy a tablet on ebay and of course I encourage you to do so, but what I’m offering here is a cheaper price and convenience. I hope that in the coming months,  a community will form round this board leading to development of software and other projects, mainly the porting of XMBC to the allwinner (: .

For those of you who have made it to the site, please provide some comments on wether you think the above is a good idea. If nothing else the site can serve as a rant about the Raspberry Pi not coming quick enough!



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  1. Marius says:

    Sounds great !

    Too bad they don’t have an Ethernet port.

    Anyway, I’m in if you offer shipping to Germany !

  2. Andrei says:

    Please provide the full specs of the board.

  3. stefano says:

    Are you going to offer shipping outside UK?

  4. micha says:

    I’d prefer 1GB RAM and some IOs too.

  5. Jude says:

    This is very Cool!!! how can we order?

  6. Aaron says:

    Very excited, a few friends of mine are looking to get our hands on some of these to play around with app development :) you have our Canadian support! Cant wait to hear when we can make our purchases.

  7. Johnny V says:

    Do you know if the LVDS connector can be used to connect a panel from an old laptop? (if externally powered)

    • admin says:

      Yes it should work theoretically! It will be exciting to be able to use Laptop panel’s as they’re extremely cheap! Default resolution may initially be stuck on 1024×600 on Android but should be relatively easy to change with a small modification to the Android’s boot file. On Ubuntu, support should be available however, resolution will remain stuck on 1024×768 until hardware acceleration is available.

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