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Posted June 12th, 2012 in Uncategorized by admin

Please register your interest if you would like a Gooseberry board. It will help us gauge the quantity of boards we need to purchase, which in turn will mean we can get them out quicker. To register interest, fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page. Type Country of origin into Phone Number entry field.

314 Responses so far.

  1. Bradley Gamble says:


  2. Craig says:

    Interested in this for a project requiring more horsepower than the raspberry pi

  3. Hi!
    I am looking for an opportunity to working with you to sell this device in the territory of Russia. It would be interesting to know more …
    Looking forward to hearing,

  4. Joan Sabine-Bacon says:

    I am definitely interested in the Goose-Berry board especially as it has more power than the Raspberry Pi. Love your site and helpful video.

  5. Jasbir says:

    Great idea, would be interested few questions:

    1. Can we purchase without PSU ?
    2. Are there any GPIO pins/serial ports available on the board.
    3. Is there the possibility of a board with 1GB memory?

    • admin says:

      Very sorry to say Jasbir, but as far as I’m aware, its a no to all 3 of your questions at this early stage. Purchasing without the PSU will hopefully be made available at a later date and perhaps when interest picks up, we will definitely consider a board with 1GB of memory. I’m not sure if GPIO pins are available on the board,if they are, its not made clear! I will request schematics from our manufacture to provide some further clarity on the subject.

  6. Greig says:

    Hi i need to know if there is gpio output on the board for interfacing other projects
    like the raspi thanks.

  7. Mary says:

    Sounds great would love to buy a board – good luck ;) there’s a primary school teacher in Kenya who needs cheap computers and would also be interested

  8. Carlos says:

    I want to make a order of 1k units. Can you contact me outside this form?


  9. lewis says:

    hello ! i am intrested in a board for personal compact pc development projects can you mail me when they are avalible ?
    kind regards lewis

  10. lewis says:

    hello im intrested in buying a unit for personal micro pc development projects could you please let me know when units are avalible for sale .

  11. toni says:

    hi, im interested to buy a unit for personal tests.

  12. Achitasak B. says:

    I’m interested to buying a unit for personal testing. Can you delivery to Thailand ?

  13. Azotase says:

    I am interested in 1 unit. Shipping UK.


  14. Srihari says:

    One for me. When are they avbl?

  15. Peter Wysoczanski says:

    I would love to check this out…

  16. Very interested- for single project at first, then possibly many many more!

  17. EW says:

    I’m interested – 1 for UK.

  18. Brent Harmon says:

    I am excited about the potential for a board like this to work on getting Android integrated in many home and mobile automation projects. I would be very interested in ordering several of these and have them shipped to the US.

  19. Paul Wheeler says:

    I’m in!! Please please let me know when I can order one!

    I’m looking to interface with an Arduino for a car project, I know it doesn’t have GPIO but if a USB bluetooth dongle or USB Accessory mode work then it’s game on!

  20. I’m interested on it. I’m from Spain!

  21. Laurent Kim says:

    I’ll definitely buy them. Please count me in!

  22. Biju Nadesan says:

    Iam interested!

  23. Paul Wheeler says:

    My pi arrived today, I’d swap a Pi with power and HDMI cable (no sd card) for a Gooseberry if you wanted one to play with/compare to the Gooseberry!

  24. Jan says:

    Me too! :) I’ll DEFINITELY buy one! Shipping to Germany.

  25. gaz says:

    deffinately interested

  26. Alexey says:

    I am sooo interested!
    Shipping to Russia or Finland.

  27. Frank Schuster says:

    I’m very much interested. Shipping to Germany though.

    Best regards,

  28. Alex C says:

    I am interested in one, shipping to US.
    here is the link to the GPIO interfacing with raspberry pi.
    It would be extremely useful to be able to do that to get access to all those sensors and control the motors and stuff, basically replace Arduino.

  29. prudicz says:

    Hello I’m very interested about this cool android board.

    Greetings from Poland

  30. schokocappucino says:

    I’m interested, too. Shipping to Germany.

    Does Android support Bluetooth-Dongles over USB and USB-Serial-Cables?

  31. Count me in! It’d be a great fit to my Raspberrys :)
    Country: Germany

  32. Jason Wylie says:

    I’m interested

  33. I’m in if you’ll ship to Serbia.

  34. Jake Hambey says:

    I’d be interested if you can ship to the US. It’d make a good little xbmc box if you can get someone to port xbmc to it.

  35. ram says:

    nice, keep me updated .
    looks neat

  36. James says:

    I am very interested in the gooseberry board and also have an idea for a project which I would like to propose to you, in case you are interested.
    I am based in the UK.

  37. Tobias says:

    Jep, i am Interested in one, too!

  38. Diego Pereira says:

    I’m very Interested in ship to Brazil.

    How can i do?

  39. Don Brown says:

    Doing research and development in robotics.
    Interested in up to 15 boards, but do need Linux OS.

    Don Brown
    Atlanta GA

    • admin says:

      Thanks Don, please note that GPIO pins are not likely to be present on the board.If your robotic project doesn’t require them, then they should serve you well! Ubuntu is working so a linux OS is covered

  40. ExeArco says:

    I am interested in this, however I must ask something:
    Will there ever be a version with Ethernet?
    I have less interest in this because of the lack of Ethernet.

  41. Wieland says:

    Interested. Country: Germany

  42. Wexx says:

    I’m interested, too.
    Country: Germany.

  43. Stefan says:

    Count me to – Germany

  44. John Daldry says:

    I’m interested too please!

  45. Markov Igor says:

    me to! country: switzerland

  46. Rick Klein says:

    Interested in one for a media/android game player for my kids. If if works out well I’ll get a few more. Florida, USA shipping.

  47. Sean Burrage says:

    Very very interested, this board seems to be the best value to performance board around.

  48. Marek Bohuncak says:

    Im interested too….

  49. Geoffrey Teale says:

    Definitely interested, the specs are awesome for the price quoted. Location Germany.

  50. Dirk says:

    Interested. Country: Germany

  51. Patrick Meier says:

    one for me to Germany

  52. Geinux says:

    Interested. Country: Spain

  53. Jörg Jaschik says:

    I’m interested too – One for Germany.

  54. sekhar says:

    definetly intersted. Country: Spain

  55. Scott V says:

    Interested. Application is remote weather station(s).

  56. Zach says:

    Im interested! Japan/USA

  57. Ric Harvey says:

    Definitely interested +1 for me

  58. Rene says:

    I am interested. Switzerland.

  59. Carsten H. says:

    I´d like to get one, too. Country: Germany

  60. Carlos says:

    I’m in! Portugal

  61. Bike Mike says:

    I am interested: US

  62. toma says:

    Curious of that could be a cool friend for my raspberry pi :) I’m from France

  63. Vineeth says:

    Definitely want to buy one:India

  64. Paul Currie says:

    Yes very interested.

  65. Felix says:

    I would love to buy one, living in Germany though

  66. HHH says:

    I definitely want buy this big brother of my RapsberryPi.


  67. Defcon says:

    I’m very interested, i preordered an Raspberry Pi … but i want a Goosberry too ;)

    I’m from Germany

  68. Alistair says:

    What touchscreen was this paired with when used as a tablet? Is it possible to get the screen and drivers?
    Camera too?

    • admin says:

      We’re considering supplying these parts. Will try and find out the specific touchscreen model number for you and add it to the faq! Drivers for camera and the screen in theory should be found in the Android OS shipped with the device.

  69. Jay says:

    I put in my registration and This is to just double down . I am interested, United States. an answer about the lan interface for on of the previous posts — you can use a powered usb hub and a usb nic interface for the wired connection

  70. Pete P. says:

    A big brother for the Raspberry PI! Ya, this mini pc seems to be interesting for me, too (=D) Greethings from GERMANY

  71. Jorge Costa says:

    This mini pc seems to be interesting for me…i’ll buy one to try when avaliable!

  72. jan says:

    Germany I hope i can buy it

  73. Edoardo says:

    I’m interested to buy this GooseBerry Board!!
    Please tell me when is possible to take it.

    Greethings from ITALY.

  74. Bobby Brinkley says:

    Very interesting. This is certainly worth a try.

  75. Paul Wheeler says:

    Is it likely the ribbon cable on a laptop screen would fit and work with the LVD display port on the board to give a non interactive display?

  76. Jesper Pedersen says:

    A could use a few here in Denmark

  77. Rai says:

    Absolutely interested!

  78. paulo barbosa says:

    i buy one too

  79. Gary says:

    Linux stuff looks interesting.

    Count me in for one in the UK.

  80. Leo D. says:

    This mini pc seems to be interesting for me, too (=D) Greethings from GERMANY

  81. Mark says:

    Yes, definitely want one of these. U.S.

  82. Marvin Wuerl says:

    I am definitely interested in the Gooseberry board.

    Whant to buy one to try!

  83. Miguel says:

    Interested in one of these bigger brother of the Pi!
    Shipping to Portugal…

  84. Steve0 says:

    i would love to have 1 of your boards. I have been doing some in depth reviews & shortcomings of the Pi, beagle etc…

    it would be nice to add a new competitor to my report

  85. Matthew Garcia says:

    Very interested, this opens the doors of possibilities… everyone should have a HTPC

  86. Darren says:

    Really interested in this board. Will buy one when available.

  87. Robin Finkbeiner says:

    This mini pc seems to be interesting for me. I´ll buy one when availiable.


  88. MacEarl says:

    Im also interested in one. Im from Germany

  89. Matt Green says:

    Very interested, but price will be a determining factor.


  90. Wyyd says:

    I am also interesseted and will order as soon as possible :)

  91. Wyyd says:

    Hi Gooseberry Team,

    i would like to order a board and i am not sure where I can register me, to safe the right to buy one. I also wrote a you an email or is that comment enought?

    Best regards and good luck for that awesome project :)

    ( Germany )

  92. Lawrence Sutton says:

    would love to get hold of one of these boards.

  93. Jorge says:

    Hi, im interested to buy a unit. The charger is multi voltage?
    Country: Argentina

  94. ucola says:

    me too


  95. Leander Harding says:

    I’ve been looking for just this sort of thing, so call me interested.

  96. MoYo says:

    I’m also interested.
    Want to buy a unit.

    Country: Germany

  97. Leo says:

    I want one!!!


  98. site says:

    The majority of of the remarks on this weblog dont make sense.

  99. Dimitre says:

    Count me for 2. Just dont make the same mistake as Raspberry/Allied- take my order and 3.5 months later- not even an estimate of fulfillment and totally unresponsive to any inquiry about whats going on. As soon as I can order from you, I am going to cancel the Raspberry order.

  100. Rasto says:

    I am interested and want one.

    Country: Slovakia

  101. Ritch says:

    I am interested.

  102. Sn00zerman says:

    I already have a Raspberry Pi, but if I see this, I’m willing to sell my “piece of Pi”, and by this “beauty” :-)

    best regards from Belgium,

  103. carlo says:

    i am interested ;D

  104. Felipe Sousa says:

    I’m interested on it. I’m from Brazil and work with Embedded System.!

  105. Joerg says:

    I am interested. One more for germany.

  106. Hi, im interested to buy one or maybe more
    I’m from Brazil

  107. David Canar says:

    I want one! Please make a 1GB version not only 512MB and if possible with VGA port for older monitors.

    Great idea!

  108. Andreas says:

    I am interested. One more for germany , too .

  109. chris says:

    i want one!


  110. John says:

    I love it! The best part is having Onboard-Wifi. Too bad it doesnt has onboard-bluetooth and a second USB port ASO.
    But we all know: The “Future” has just begun…

    Greets from Austria

  111. Filip says:

    Hi, I’m interested in this masterpeiece of hardware! Let me know when orders are possible!


  112. Romconstruct says:

    Absolutely interested.

    From Germany.

  113. Constructor says:

    Also 100% interested.

    Greets from Germany

  114. ss says:

    nice , i am interested

  115. Tiago says:

    I’m really interested in the board.
    It would be to make a media player, any developments in the audio and video acceleration running ubuntu? Other linux distros are defenitly on the table right?

  116. Mario says:

    Very interested!
    Country: Germany

  117. jfalcon says:


  118. Dquad says:

    Interested. Country: Russia

  119. Antony Slater says:

    I’m definitely interested, put me down for one in the UK….

  120. Archer says:

    Sign me up!!

    Atlanta, Georgia USA

  121. Resnik says:

    Interested into this, please let me know once I can get my hands on it :)

  122. Simon says:

    I Want One to use as in a HTPC!

  123. Boyd says:

    Always glad to see more boards using this AW A10 ARM CPU. Great work!

  124. calvin says:

    I want one too.

  125. Lo says:

    Interested. Country: Germany

  126. JrBenito says:

    Definitely interested.


  127. Martin says:

    I cannot wait anymore to buy groosberry!
    In Slovenia we have a forum which talks about groosberry and there are over 200 people which want to buy this computer!
    Will you ship in Slovenia too?

    Best Regards

  128. torenken says:

    Very interested!
    Country: Germany

  129. Francesco De Napoli says:

    I’m interested. Country: Italy

  130. Paul Demers says:

    Interested: USA.

  131. Chuchat says:

    mee too.

    from Thailand

  132. NxD says:

    Definitely interrested :) (Country: Germany)

  133. qchn says:

    This is qchn from Germany and I am totally interested. :-)


  134. Kazudi says:

    Very Interested! (Germany)

  135. Jean-Aime says:

    Great job. I am definitely interested by the Gooseberry board.

  136. Sigoeu says:

    It seens to be a very nice product. Definitely I will buy one and I hope to be soon.

  137. Benoit says:

    I’m also interested in one.
    I’m from France.

  138. balsard says:

    It’s really good, I want two of them (if it can).
    I’m from Spain but in first of July I’m gonna travel to London

  139. Jeremy says:

    I am definitely interested. I’m still waiting on my Raspberry Pi, but this would be awesome to play with! It’s like my phone without the locked bootloader.

  140. Martin Kral says:

    I am in! Can’t wait :)

  141. Oliver K. says:

    I am interested.

    Country: Germany

  142. Klaus M. says:

    I’m interested but your store was closed! When would you deliver?

  143. Crazyusb says:

    I need from france

  144. Moe says:

    I am interested, too

    from Germany

  145. Ciolex says:

    Brasil need it.

  146. Michael Hankins says:

    I’m interested. From USA.

  147. Mauricio says:

    Country: Brazil

  148. Tipfix says:

    I’m interested. I’m from Germany.

  149. SRLKilling says:

    I am definitely interested. 1 from France.

  150. Christian says:

    I’m interested, too. I’m from Germany.

  151. Richard says:

    Very interested. I have others in the same genre, but this one is more capable.

  152. Jan____B says:

    I need one, too! Location: Germany

  153. Kris Stoyles says:

    Yes would like one too. UK

  154. Gabriel says:

    +1 to spain! want that now!!!!! thx!

  155. Muling says:

    Interested too, Luxembourg

  156. Beh says:

    I’m interested, too. I’m from Germany.

  157. Moritz says:

    Interested – but only if there’s a gigabyte ethernet port.


  158. sparkmike77 says:

    If I had seen this last month I would have ordered 5 for a mobile computing project, that ship may have sailed but I still will buy one for me to play with!

  159. i want one asap. thanks. jutt

  160. John says:

    would like two please
    +2 to Australia!

  161. dorion says:

    +1 from Hungary

  162. Sebastian says:

    +1 to DE

  163. Gorgo says:

    I need 2 or 3 of them

  164. Joerg says:

    We’d like one in Germany too.

  165. I would like to buy at least 3!!!

  166. Peter Winkler says:

    +1 to Slovakia :D

  167. Herbee says:

    I am definitely interested in the Gooseberry board.

  168. Paul Wheeler says:

    Have the 10 boards arrived yet?

  169. Matze says:

    +1 for Germany

  170. Viktor says:

    I’m interested

  171. Danny says:

    I’d love to buy one!

  172. Fernando de Montanaro says:

    Me too!

  173. TuX11 says:

    I’d like to take two of these as soon as available.
    I hope you don’t mind shipping to Germany.

  174. I would buy one – So please ship to Germany !

  175. Brandon Bromiley says:

    Yep. I’m interested. I have lots of ideas :)

  176. flip says:

    1 for me (germany)

  177. J. M. says:

    I would like to have one. I come from germany, please send me an email as the device is deliverable.

    This project seems to fulfill my interests more than the raspberry project concerning the matter of built-in 802.11 chips.

    Thanks for your answer!

    +2 for germany

  178. freak1234 says:

    Need from Germany

  179. melone says:

    need one for germany

  180. Michael says:

    One more from germany ;-)

  181. Chosen says:

    I’d like to take one of these gooseberries as soon as available.
    I hope you don’t mind shipping to Germany.

    Best Regards.


  182. Andreas says:

    Want one in Hungary.

  183. Matt says:

    I’ve been following Raspberry for months. Did not get through on the release night. Have not received the email go ahead to purchase and getting rather sick of the emotional anticipation then hiccup. I’ve got money to spend and you guys seem more able to take it. How do we order? Will stock ARM Ubuntu install without modification?

  184. Stefan says:

    I would buy one, i´m also from Germany.

  185. Zaras says:

    I think germany need one, too. ;)

  186. nablahero says:

    I need one dude!

  187. Malte says:

    I would buy one as well, I am also from Germany. I saw a lot of interest from germany, maybe it would be possible to ship a batch with westeuropean compatible power sockets.

  188. Sven says:

    Sell this in germany :-)

  189. Dennis says:

    I would buy one too (I’m from Germany) :-)

  190. Paul says:

    Another one for Germany!

  191. Frank says:

    I am interested.. Also located in Germany.

  192. Bert Folkens says:

    Yes! Please 1-2 for Germany

  193. Maik says:

    Interested in 1 for Germany.

  194. Tobias says:

    I’m interested too.

    Also located in Germany.

  195. Michel says:

    Yes… Seems that a germany branch would be a good idea ;)

  196. Julian says:

    Also interested… Country: Germany

  197. Cesar says:

    Two for Peru.

  198. Paul O says:

    1 For me please

  199. Fabian K says:

    One more for Germany =)

  200. Frank-Georg-Frank says:

    I would also like in Germany! :-)

  201. KaelLer says:

    …and one more gooseberry for Germany, please!

  202. H. Park says:

    One more for South Korea. :)

  203. Torsten says:

    +1 for Germany!

  204. Nilven says:

    I’m interested, too. (Germany)

    Best regards

  205. Thorsten Schöbel says:

    i havy Interest on this system. (Germany)

    Thank You

  206. dan says:

    I’m interested, too. (Germany)

  207. N. Bennett says:


    i would be definetly interested in this board. I wanted to use a raspberry for media center purposes (XBMC), but this board should have much better performance, too-

  208. Horst says:

    Ha, severeal needed for Germany!


  209. yaccin says:

    also interested (germany) :D

  210. otto says:

    one more… (germany)

  211. Andreas says:

    one more for germany

  212. Björn says:

    also interested (germany)

  213. kurt says:

    … one for austria … !!!

  214. Lonnie says:

    Would love to have one. USA

  215. michael says:

    i havy Interest on this system. (Germany)

  216. Rudi says:

    I am also interested. I am from germany and going to study IT, so it would be great to have one. Thanks

  217. rene says:

    I’m also interested (germany) :D

  218. Kai says:

    inerested in one, location germany! ;-)

    mostly for playing around in linux and media center.

  219. Julian says:

    I’m also interested in one, shipping to Germany ;)

  220. artodeto says:

    interested in one also, location: germany

    Planed as linux media center

  221. Alex TS says:

    1 more for Germany please ;)


  222. Tom says:

    Germany Pls. Fast!!!

  223. Beef Supreme says:

    i want it, noaw!
    germany +1

  224. Jorge Hernandez says:

    Interested from spain!

  225. Froschwelle says:

    I am sure I will buy it!

  226. Carsten W. says:

    Awesome Stachelbeere! I’m interested! (Germany)

  227. johannes says:

    Germany +1

  228. Blice says:

    Germany is interested in…

  229. Ron says:

    Sign my up. New Zealand

  230. I’m interested, too. I’m from Suriname (South-America)
    I,m using the Raspberry pi and like too compared with it, and is better for supplying in Suriname.


  231. B.Panait says:

    I want one. Germany +1

  232. Eric Reiche says:

    I’m also interested in it (Germany)

  233. Elmo says:

    I’m also interested and want to Buy one
    Country: Germany

  234. Gamble Dynes says:

    I’m also very interested (Germany).

  235. lolek says:

    interested! would buy 2 or 3

  236. Gerhard says:

    I’m interested on a Gooseberry!

    Please, let me know where I can buy it!


  237. Marco says:

    I’m interested in a Gooseberry!

    Please, let me know when and where there are available!

    Greets Marco (Switzerland)

  238. M.P.G says:

    We are also interested.
    Greetings from Germany :)

  239. bernd says:

    interested, germany

  240. Philip says:

    I am also interested.
    Best greets from Germany! :)

  241. gtRfnkN says:

    really interested!
    good luck with that project from germany!

  242. Andre says:

    I’m also very interested (Germany).

  243. Holg says:

    I will buy one when it’s ready to be shipped!

  244. Ralf says:

    I’m also very interested (Germany).

  245. Nowi says:

    I need it in Germany!

  246. MoeZart says:

    another need in Germany

  247. jann says:

    hey im from switzerland and im interested too.
    because te rasperry pi have`nt many ram and cpu power
    so i hope you mAKE SOME GOOSEBERRYS ;)

  248. Tavos says:

    Another interested person form Germany here !!

  249. BT says:

    Also form Germany, also interested!

  250. Dani says:

    Big Interest from Germany

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