What is the Gooseberry Board?

The Gooseberry Board is a small sized  tablet PCBA computer which can be connected to a TV. Based on a newer arm architecture, the board can run a multitude of different programs and Os’s ,most notably Android ICS and Ubuntu.  Unfortunately, due to a slight change in the board, booting of the micro sd card has become very unreliable resulting in boot hangs. This leaves Android ICS as the only fully compatible OS out of the box . To give a measure of computing performance, the boards cpu, an allwinner a10 1.0Ghz Soc, is roughly 3x more powerful than the SOC shipped with the Pi. A Mali 400 gpu is also shipped with the board which is expected to have open source driver support in the future (see http://limadriver.org/)

How much will it cost?

The Gooseberry board is aimed to be sold at £40 with a charger. Please note, if you live outside of the EU, additional import taxes may apply. We also offer, a board including a mini usb OTG cable and mini Hdmi cable.

Have you designed this board?

Unfortunately, Chinese whispers have run their course through the media creating some misconceptions about whether we’ve designed this board. Can I confirm we have not. The Gooseberry Board is a PCBA found within tablets. We have not designed nor manufactured this board. We have only recognized the potential it holds in both price and performance and so, have made it available and known to the public.

How much power does the board consume?

The board consumes on average 4 watts of power when in use. When idle consumes 3.5 watts of power and when on standby consumes 2.3 watts of power.

How does the board boot?

The board is set to attempt to boot automatically from the micro sd card if present. If not then it will boot from the internal 4gb nand flash storage.

Does the board have GPIO Pins?

No, there is no evidence for any GPIO pins.The board does have connections for a motor. This motor port could potentially be manipulated to be used as an electrical output. If so, the board could be used in robotics and home automation which would be awesome!

Are there any limitations?

There are a few. Firstly,there is only 1 mini usb port meaning you will need to use a usb hub to connect multiple usb peripherals. No Lan port is available either. Android is the only compatible OS for this board at present. Booting of the micro sd card is very unreliable.

Can you overclock?

Yes, the Allwinner A10 is overclock-able from the factory default of 1ghz to theoretically, 1.5Ghz. We’ve found the highest stable overclock to be 1.2 Ghz in android.

Will I brick my device when flashing files onto the Nand Storage

No! The allwinner a10 is capable from booting from USB and so can always be recovered.

Are kernel sources available for this board?

Yes! The kernel source can be found here https://github.com/amery/linux-allwinner

When will they be available?

500 have been recently sold. More will be available hopefully in the near future!

Will the board come with a case?

No, the board is supplied without a case. However, greater interest in the Gooseberry Board could lead to third parties manufacturing cases.

What will I get when purchasing one?

You will get the Gooseberry Board and a charger (Please note: Charger supplied is only compatible with UK power sockets. For those who are oversea’s you can either buy an mains adapter, or, you can power the board using a Usb to 2.55mm Dc pin cable. A standard micro usb to usb cable can also be used to power the board via its mini usb port)

What will I need to get the board up and running?

Technically, you have everything you need to turn it on and get it running. However, if you want to interact with the board or see some video output you will need a few cables! You will need a mini to full size hdmi cable to output video signal and a male mini to female full size usb 2.0 cable to connect usb peripherals (These cables are included in the cable bundle). In addition, a powered Usb hub would be a nice extra as it will allow you to connect a power hungry usb powered external hardrive, and multiple usb peripherals (only 1 usb port remember!). Finally, a micro sd card of 8gb size or more is recommended if you wish to install Ubuntu or have a dual boot setup on the board.


Boards will be dispatched within 5 working days of confirmed order. In some situations, dispatch will be delayed until address has been confirmed by email.

How many can I buy?

You can purchase as many as you would like!

Are the boards available internationally?

Yes, we offer shipping to any country in the world!

How much will shipping Cost?

UK delivery: £2.70 First Class- 2-3 working days

Royal Mail Air Mail EU: £3.20 5-7 working days

Royal Mail Air Mail Non-Eu (Rest of the World): £4.50 7-14 days

Tracked Airmail: £9.90 EU:  3-5 working days  World: 6-13 days

Additional costs

If you do not reside in the EU, you will be subject to additional importation tax charges (duty/vat). This will vary from country to country so please check before making an order.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We will only be accepting Paypal for the time being.


If you believe your board is faulty  please contact us prior to returning the board; we’ll endeavor to resolve any issues you have encountered!

Non-faulty boards must be returned to us within 7 days of receipt for a refund. Let us know first before doing so!